It’s getting to the time when many of us will be returning to our gardens. Planting new fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs. It’s a special time when all your horticultural ideas are boundless.  No pest have eaten your lettuces yet and the soil is a blank slate, so to speak.


I’m so excited to get back to planting and harvesting my own produce. It’s an especially exciting year here in California, with us getting so much rain this winter that we are not as restricted as in years past.  I see homegrown Strawberries and Tomatoes in my future!


In order to facilitate these garden ambitions - I have found some cool new tools for working the soil.


First – Pedigree by Bulldog is a line of high quality Stainless Steel digging and cutting tools.

Their lightweight digging tools are strong, and exceed the bend test of 210 lbs. which is above the British Standard. The wooded Ash handles are FSC certified, and in keeping with the environmentally minded, these tools have a lifetime warranty. They will not end up in the landfill in a couple years, but be in your garden shed for years to come.

Second – Le Pale, a line of ergonomically, Swiss designed, handheld shovels which is Made in Italy.


These are incredibly constructed by skilled craftspeople and has the leverage capacity of 228 lbs. The shape of the head is similar to that of a large mechanical digger – and when scooping soil or other substance, there no spillage and the scooping action is done with little heft from the gardener. Other jobs these can do are lifting pavers and large logs. It’s a super cool items which I’m thrilled to offer. Check out the videos of them in action.


The most important thing is to get out and garden – please send me your photos too! I love to share them on Facebook and Instagram.


Happy Gardening



Posted in Clarington Forge Garden Tools By Mary Young on 31st January 2017

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